Pick an inappropriate declaration: (a) French chemist Louis Pasteur shown new fermentation

Concern 4. (b) Fermentor are a watercraft providing optimal updates for microbial step. (c) Solvent removal is actually a keen upstream process of fermentation. (d) Distillation and you may filtration arrives significantly less than down stream techniques. Answer: (c) Solvent extraction was an enthusiastic upstream procedure of fermentation.

Answer: (d) Declaration step one try wrong and you can Statement dos is correct

Pick out this new mismatched few(s): (i) Amphotericin-B – Streptomyces notatum (ii) Penicillin – Penicillum nodosus (iii) Streptomycin – Streptomyces grises (iv) Tetracycline – Streptomyces aureofacins (a) i and you will ii (b) ii and you may iii (c) iii and iv (d) we only Respond to: (a) we and you will ii

Matter six. Select the newest non-fungal types found in SCP design. (i) Candida (ii) Chlorella (iii) Chlamydomonas (iv) Cellulomonas (a) i and you can ii (b) ii and you may iii (c) ii, iii and you can iv (d) All the a lot more than Respond to: (c) ii, iii and you will iv

Question eight. Sandy Springs GA escort girls Select the proper limitation enzyme and this vacations the brand new phosphodiester thread within this a beneficial DNA molecule. (i) Bal 30 (ii) Hind II (iii) Bam Hey (iv) Pvul (a) we and you can iii (b) i, ii and you can iii (c) ii, iii and you may iv (d) i merely Address: (c) ii, iii and you can iv

Matter 8. Natural comes to an end was _______ (a) Blunt ends up (b) Flush closes (c) Sticky concludes (d) Symmetrical incisions Address: (c) Gooey stops

Concern nine. Self-ligation are prevented by __________ (a) DNA Polymerase (b) Helicase (c) Alkaline phosphate (d) DNA lipase Answer: (c) Alkaline phosphate

(a) A beneficial – Plasmid – B – Vector (b) An excellent – Nucleoid – B – Plasmid (c) Good – Bacterial chromosome B – Vector (d) A – Nucleoid – B – x phage DNA Respond to: (b) An excellent – Nucleoid – B – Plasmid

Question eleven. An effective vector is to __________ (i) contain suitable marker (ii) include ori site (iii) keeps poly linkess (iv) getting short sizes (a) i, ii and iii (b) ii, iii and iv (c) i, ii and you will iv (d) every more than Answer: (d) the over

Concern several. Number of ft sets does pBR 322 plasmid contains __________ (a) 322 (b) 4322 (c) 4361 (d) 3264 Answer: (c) 4361

Concern 14. ptlC 19 is a good example to have. (a) Bus vector (b) Expression vector (c) Cosmid (d) Phagemid vector Respond to: (b) Phrase vector

Question 5

Question fifteen. Statement step one: YAC plasmid acts such as for instance good yeast chromosome. Statement dos: Circular YAC multiplies within the bacterium. (a) Statement 1 is correct and you will Report 2 is additionally best. (b) Declaration 1 is correct and you will Report 2 was completely wrong. (c) Both comments was completely wrong. (d) Report step 1 was incorrect and Declaration 2 is correct. Answer: (a) Declaration 1 is right and Statement dos is additionally proper.

Concern sixteen. Report step 1: Liposomes would be the phony lipoprotein vesicles. Declaration 2: Liposomes is actually highly included in gene transfer. (a) Report step one is right and you may Declaration dos is additionally right. (b) Statement step one is right and you will Report dos try completely wrong. (c) The statements is incorrect. (d) Report step 1 is actually completely wrong and Report dos is right.

Matter 17. Statement step 1: DNA are a hydrophobic molecule. Report 2: T-DNA was part of Elizabeth-coli plasmid. (a) Declaration 1 is right and Declaration dos is even right. (b) Statement step 1 is right and you may Report dos is actually wrong. (c) The comments was incorrect. (d) Report step one is incorrect and you will Report dos is correct. Answer: (c) The comments is actually incorrect.

Concern 18. Declaration step one: Bioventing process develops 02 circulate in order to speed destruction off pollutants. Statement dos: Bioaugmentation spends microbes to recoup steel emissions out of polluted sites. (a) Report step one is correct and Report dos is also best. (b) Declaration step 1 is correct and Declaration dos try incorrect. (c) Both the comments are completely wrong. (d) Report 1 is actually completely wrong and Declaration dos is correct. Answer: (b) Declaration step one is correct and you may Statement dos try completely wrong.


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