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In today’s world, it’s a good choice to own, maintain, and work on an online business idea, as it opens more doors for passive income. This idea is great to pursue and more possible to execute in today’s India. However, the main issue young entrepreneurs face is, they don’t know where to start. The most important step is to have the knowledge of online business ideas that matches your skills and strength. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are going for a full-time entrepreneur or part-time. So as India’s best Independent business consultant Mr. Hitesh Yadav has compiled a series of profitable online business ideas. You can start pursuing anyone from them based on your skills and knowledge to earn some extra money.

List of online business ideas to start with minimum cost in India:

An SEO Consultant Working on his laptop - Online business idea
An SEO Consulant working on his laptop

1. SEO consultant:

If you have technical knowledge of Adwords, Google Analytics, Search Console and have in-depth technical skills about ins and outs of search engines.

Then you can pursue this job as an SEO consultant as this is a lucrative job. Start your online SEO consultant business by educating those business owners on the power of SEO to transform their business and increase leads. 

You could use your SEO skills and teach businesses how to use analytics, strategic keywords, content structure to gain more traffic and visibility.

The field of SEO is changing as big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing keeps changing their algorithms.

A team of small business consultants
A team of small business consultants

2. Small Business consultant:

Mr. Hitesh Yadav is India’s best Independent Business Consultant(IBC). And as an IBC he has great knowledge and experience, and through online courses, he is already aspiring online businesses to find success.

He is helping young entrepreneurs in the starting phase of their business. With this online business idea, it’s hundred percent possible for you to begin as a small business consultant.

An Lenovo laptop with Social media consultant working to earn more with online business ideas
An Lenovo laptop with Social Media opened

3. Social media consultant:

Companies in India have full-time social media managers or they like to hire a Social Media Marketing agency. Small business owners are unaware of the possibilities they can explore through social media marketing.

As India’s best IBC, Mr. Hitesh Yadav knows that small business owners are often too busy, overwhelmed, and undereducated to run social media marketing campaigns on their own.

To help small business owners he came up with a course on digital marketing for small business owners, that will teach you the following things:

  1. Learn ways to market your products in the case of low budget.           
  2. Know the fundamentals behind fundraising.

Note: This is for everybody who is interested in learning Social Media Marketing.

Benefits of the course: You will get in-depth knowledge to start your own social media consultant as this is one of the best online business ideas.

An eCommerce store setup
An eCommerce store setup

4. Niche based eCommerce store:

Niche-based eCommerce stores are on rising from the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. It does not matter whether you choose weight loss products or dog food. The only thing is your skills in the particular category.

However, if you don’t know much about setting up this online business idea, don’t worry. It easy to start a niche-based eCommerce store with the help of our Grow Your eCommerce Store Online Course. It’s best if you have these skills, so you can make extra bucks in less time because expertise counts. 

To get your eCommerce business up and running all you need a domain and web hosting to set up in integration with a good eCommerce cart software. Also, you can simplify the process by contacting the shipping vendors to help your customers.

WordPress Developer working on a project to increase earning from online business ideas
WordPress Developer working on a project

5. Start as WordPress Web Developer:

WordPress is one of the best Content Management Systems that counts for 30% of websites online. It’s easy to use, secure, and in less time you can design and develop a website to start a business online. Hence with such a huge potential, you can earn much more than any other online business idea.

Put your creative and technical skills in front of businesses and help them grow to the next level. Once you get started you will also improve your designing skills in WordPress at that time the only thing you need is a portfolio and website to attract more business owners.

Blogger's personal computer
Blogger’s personal computer

6. Blogger:

It’s best to start as a blogger if you already have a job or business. Blogging is a famous trend since the starting of the internet. All you need is Content writing and SEO skills along with the use of WordPress. 
Some may say that blogging is an outdated trend and in this competitive world there are around 4.4 million daily posts published in the world.

That’s true but there is still a huge potential to start with. Not everyone is skilled, not every post is useful & of quality. That means you can do better than everyone else in the blogging industry. India’s best IBC recommends that you should start your blogging journey in the niche in which you have the expertise and in-depth knowledge.

Once you have mastered the skill of content creation you can start writing affiliate reviews to earn money. To take this to next level, you can even create your own courses, eBooks, webinars, etc.

Tech support working on Network device for passive income from online business ideas
Tech support working on Network device

7. Remote Tech Support:

Many small businesses in India don’t have the budget to hire a full-time IT employee, so when their systems go on the fritz, they usually call a computer-savvy guy, friend, or a family member.

If you are tech-savvy and have experience working on networks and computers, you can help them with their need to call in favor by offering immediate remote technical assistance.

Although some businesses may prefer you to have a technical degree, many will look to your experience and knowledge instead.

You can start to build your remote-tech support business by reaching out to family, friends, and local business owners about their tech support need. You can also find freelance tech support gigs on the job boards of Upwork. 

Finally. I would say it’s best to keep the above online business ideas as part-time work to earn bucks. We will update this post with more online business ideas, bookmark the webpage, and also share them with your friends.


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