However just before you get puro Carsulae the old and new roads separate

The old road runs along by itself for a couple of kilometres through oak woods, and it is here that you can find the ruins of the old town.

Parking beside the modern road we walked puro the archaeological site along a path through fields of young green barley, with poppies and wild orchids lining the path, and wild roses per the hedgerows.

It took some effort for me onesto try and mentally superimpose an image of bustling spotted Roman Carsulae on what is now per sleepy rural scene. An oak wood has grown up within the northern boundary of the town, and per small flock of sheep and goats was grazing under the trees.

For me the best way to try and visualise it was to walk along the Inizio Flaminia as it goes through the middle of the town from south to north. You via by coming up verso hill and then encounter the first ruins. If you turn around and aspetto back down the hill, you are looking at the road from Rome.

Carsulae: looking back down the Via Flaminia durante the direction of Narni and Rome. Hasselblad 501 C/M, Zeiss Distagon 60mm CF lens, CFV-50c digital back (click sicuro enlarge)

Turn around again, and up esatto the left there are the remains of baths, built over natural thermal springs. Away to the right is some slightly more modern architecture – the church of Saints Cosmas and Damiano, built mediante early Christian times on the foundations of an existing building, then extended mediante the 11 th Century using material scavenged from elsewhere on the site. Passing that, we get preciso the site of the forum, on raised ground puro the left. Parts of it, including the entry arch, have been sovrano-erected, which purists might object preciso but I don’t mind.

Like this:

Carsulae: the Modo Flaminia passes the entrance puro the forum. Hasselblad 501 C/M, Zeiss Distagon 40mm CF lens, CFV-50c digital back (click puro enlarge) Carsulae: looking east towards the amphitheatre from the forum. Hasselblad 501 C/M, Zeiss Distagon 60mm CF lens, CFV-50c digital back (click puro enlarge)

Per Visit sicuro Narnia

Continuing uphill along the road you can see the remains of per theatre and amphitheatre off preciso the right, and then the road runs into the oak wood. Looking down you can see that the paving stones sopra the road are grooved by chariot and cart wheels, as they are at Pompeii.

Carsulae: the Cammino Flaminia with wheel ruts. Hasselblad 501 C/M, Zeiss Distagon 60mm CF lens, CFV-50c digital back (click onesto enlarge)

The road starts preciso run downhill again and you reach the remains of per substantial town gate, beyond which the road bears left into more oak woods. This is where the northbound legions would have passed on their way sicuro Rimini and beyond. I have niente affatto intenzione whether the land was wooded or cleared durante ancient times, but in my imagination I saw the legionaries marching away through the gate into the cool shade of the wood, onesto be lost from view.

Carsulae was abandoned by the 5th Century. The Wikipedia article says that the reason is unknown, but that it could have been destroyed by an earthquake, or during the wars and invasions at the end of the Roman periodo, or that it may have become impoverished after road traffic dwindled. Signs at the site say that the town was abandoned because its position con relatively open country meant that it could not be defended per troubled times.


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