Enough players stated the ‘love of life’ (letter = 26): ‘I adore life’

Factors provided by the fresh eldest-dated users which didn’t want to live to-be one hundred in addition to number of quotations when you look at the for each group

A lot of those individuals hoping to live up to 100 framed the wish to alive such an era by the anticipating that they’re going to continue to be separate. Although not, those not looking to meet one hundred shown anxiety or increased confidence you to definitely its extended lifetime carry out involve loss and you may reliance.

Sure, I wish to real time to be 100

Among those desiring to real time to get a hundred, the most typical causes appeared as if conditionally regarding coming wellness otherwise functioning (N = 65). ‘Yes, I would like to live a lot of time if i can also be are nevertheless independent’ (Table dos).

Self-confident attitudes were together with common one of several factors offered. Of numerous users understood curiosity because the an explanation to live (n = 35): ‘It would be wonderful observe the prosperity of the great-grandkids and then have a party which have them’. Several justified their causes having an effective ‘twinkle in their eye’ (n = 14): ‘Is a pain in the neck compared to that society’. Specific conveyed ‘belief’ because the an explanation to live (letter = 8): ‘Each and every day is 1 day from mercy’.

If https://www.hookupdate.net/escort-index/salt-lake-city/ not, the reason why was indeed rational. Of many stressed the ‘significant roles’ in daily life (n = 23): ‘We real time on account of my retarded daughter’ or partial jobs: ‘We still have so many creating strategies going on’. Specific participants sensed its ‘offspring’ because a critical cause to live on (letter = 18): ‘I wish to come across every my personal grandkids build up’. A few showcased its ‘heredity’ (n = 6): ‘The ladies in my own family relations real time long’.

Zero, I don’t need certainly to live to get 100

Those types of not looking to alive to be one hundred, definitely the greatest proportion offered anticipatory grounds, seeming to believe that situation otherwise bad doing work was inevitable from inside the a long life (letter = 226): ‘So many problems!’ ‘Probably I might getting as well frail’ (Table step three).

Growing perceptions have been mostly pessimistic. Many people did actually feel you to life is meaningless (letter = 111), ‘Perhaps not value living’, otherwise it indicated indifference (n = 82) otherwise anger (letter = 72): ‘Useless suffering’; ‘Area is indeed cruel’. Likewise, these types of old individuals were concerned about are an encumbrance so you can anyone else (letter = 96): ‘It is a strain to the on your own along with your cherished ones’. Some people expressed a whole lot more confident thinking, such ethics (letter = 16) otherwise religion (letter = 10): ‘I have provided a refreshing life’; ‘I am pleased all of the day’.

Also mental grounds or perceptions, concern about the near future try the next theme. Anxiety about death of autonomy is actually hitting (n = 98): ‘I’m scared of frailty and you may helplessness’. And additionally loneliness (n = 23) and you may serious pain (n = 17) provided fear of tomorrow.


One in about three community-hold earliest-dated players when you look at the Finland wanted to celebrate their 100th birthday. These were more than people that don’t have to alive are one hundred, and more substantial proportion of them was men along with a great subjective fitness. They often additional brand new proviso, ‘provided their bodies remains good’. Any of these grownups offered self-confident attitudes for the lifetime, such as for example curiosity, sense of humor, ‘twinkle inside their eye’ otherwise opinions, since their aspects of attempting to alive a lot of time, while others provided rational explanations, we.elizabeth. the important roles they gamble in daily life. People that did not need to real time enough time thought in an inescapable loss of health insurance and operating; they feared loneliness, death of liberty or even the onset of discomfort. Likewise, thinking for example a feeling of life’s meaninglessness or a reluctance to-be a burden so you’re able to community or even to someone else, resentment or perhaps the perception you to definitely the lifetime goals ended up being completed had been justifications to possess declining to live become one hundred.


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